Powertrain Assembly

Mitsubishi Electric provides the best factory automation solutions by configuring the powertrain assembly line with our advanced technologies, leading to greater flexibility so you can meet ever-changing demand for automobiles.

Easily collect production information by setting up direct communication. Connect the MES interface between production equipment and the MES database without a communication gateway. The MES module’s simple software setup lets you avoid complicated programs, in turn reducing TCO. Further reduce cost and space usage through the integration of devices. The iQ Platform allows you to merge assembly control, positioning control and fastening/torquing control.

Our PLCs increase compatibility in configuring and maintaining an optimized assembly line. By linking the PLC and sensors, you can easily construct a vision system for your facility. Using SoftGOT, you can deliver high-quality, real-time information to the production site. Circulate screen data obtained by the GOT during operation and checks. On its large Andon touch screen you can display information critical to production performance, operating conditions and tool alarms.

Our flexible assembly configuration system “MEL-FACS” solution set provides standardized assembly station hardware and software for easy task/station configuration with maximum flexibility.

Also, Mitsubishi Electric has developed “MEL-PT,” providing a comprehensive common operation interface screen and associated application function block solution set for machinery builders and powertrain end users. Both solution sets allow for rapid development and implementation of powertrain assembly lines.

Our safety PLC simplifies safety controls, and it lets you design in the same engineering environment as a standard PLC. To enhance safety, Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to configure your system with safety devices from other manufacturers.