PowerTrain Machining

Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced CNC machining technologies deliver powertrain machining line systems with higher precision. Our factory automation solutions reduce cycle times and improve engineering and maintenance environments.

Mitsubishi Electric has economical automation solutions that provide higher quality, reliable powertrain equipment. The iQ Platform saves space through combining control and machining modules. Having less components in the CPU results in reduced work time on all fronts, from research to assembly to cycle times to maintenance. Further reduce maintenance work by consolidating machine operation panels into the GOT. Now there is no need to save back-up data for the PLC CPU and CNC CPU in separate media storage systems. Achieve better productivity with high-speed data exchange between multiple CPUs for the CNC and PLC.

Because our CPUs are fanless, they have an increased resistance to oil. In addition, our NC servo amplifier and NC servo motors are also designed to resist oil. Improving oil resistance improves maintainability, reliability and resistance to environmental conditions.

Also, Mitsubishi Electric has developed “MEL-PT,” providing a comprehensive common operation interface screen and associated application function block solution set for machinery builders and powertrain end users. This solution set allows rapid development of machinery based on Mitsubishi CNC and PLC automation platform.

Finally, incorporate and enhance safety requirements to your machining line with Mitsubishi Electric’s CNC redundant safety check unit and built-in PLC functionality.