Gauging productivity, cost and energy usage require actionable information. If you don’t know what’s happening in your factory, you won’t be able to make smart decisions to improve performance, reduce costs and lower energy consumption. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric has leading technologies to let you see into your plant when you need to know.

Mitsubishi’s e-F@ctory concept – running on the iQ Platform hardware – employs the leading network technologies for visualizing and enabling plant information to transfer between the manufacturing and enterprise systems without any intermediate computers, software or extra network hardware layers.

Improve production site efficiency with the integration of HMI and iQ Platform-compatible products. The GOT2000 is the innovative HMI system that offers the best in performance, graphics and functionality. And it has an ultra-compact, robust package. Its design and configuration software package, GT Works 3, allows users to easily preview screens, switch languages and manage security settings. Mitsubishi Electric now makes it easier for you to see and know the critical operations in your factory.