Parts production

In a competitive global market, auto manufacturers will only look to use the best parts available. So you must have the right solutions to produce parts better, faster, and more efficiently than anyone else. That’s why Mitsubishi Electric helps suppliers produce quality parts while keeping costs low.

Look to Mitsubishi Electric robots’ superior horizontal and vertical machining to cut costs and reduce cycle time. We analyze your complete application, review system layout for optimum placement, minimize robot motion and present solutions that maximize throughput. And keeping in mind your need for wide variations in payload, reach and stroke, our robots quickly move from application to application to ensure your production processes are always at peak performance. Mitsubishi Electric robots maximize flexibility so you can meet the changing demands of the automotive industry at a moment’s notice.

Mitsubishi Electric also has the solution to bridge the gap between the factory and office. Part of our e-F@ctory concept, MES Interface IT enables bi-directional data communication from the factory floor to enterprise IT systems. The MES Interface IT controller-level direct database access provides users with the leanest solution possible. Eliminate all middleware special programming, and gateway PCs – the MESInterfaceIT solution utilizes simple ‘pull-down’ menu setup. Reduce overhead costs and points of failure. Gain easy and reliable data access across all networked control systems. MES Interface IT has limitless application capabilities, from quality control to logistics management.