Mitsubishi Electric proudly offers stamping solutions to improve your engineering environment, further your sustainable goals and give you greater flexibility. Our intelligent energy-saving VFD for the machine press responds to the job’s size and materials.

Mitsubishi Electric delivers electrical stamping using large-capacity motors. Our AC servo has 300% maximum and our VFD has 150% maximum of torque output. Monitor and control the AC servo and VFD through our configurators with a CC-link connection. Any changes to parameters and speed can easily be monitored via the communication network. And look to our servo amplifier for reliable communication without external noise interference.

Energy conservation is possible through VFD control and AC servo control. You can control the number of rotations based on load. Set any stroke count through the VFD-driven system, and reduce power for the drive system and increase productivity.

Our motion CPU can set various press patterns to stamp diversified products and materials. Configure the servo press to any stroke length and mold a variety of steel for many fabricated products. This superior system relies on cam functions from Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative Q Series motion controller. With the PLC and GOT, you’ll improve the performance of oil hydraulic press machines by shortening the setup time by 45% and reducing the number of operators. Utilizing our stamping solution provides for smoother transition for parts delivery and replacement.

Our safety PLC simplifies safety controls, and it lets you design in the same engineering environment as a standard PLC. To enhance safety, Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to configure your system with safety devices from other manufacturers.