Mitsubishi Electric delivers welding solutions to reduce cycle time by optimizing the peripheral devices of factory line robots. We can configure systems with auto body transport, fixed JIGs, robot operation and welding control.

Mitsubishi Electric gives you better transport cycle time with the motion CPU for the iQ Platform. SSCNET III provides high-speed, synchronized network connection, leading to greater performance and accuracy.

Easily detect your disconnected cables and reduce downtime by using a repeater (T-junction) module on CC-Link. The module lowers the risk of disconnection, and even if there’s a disconnection with a branch line, the main line runs normally. It also makes it easier to identify malfunctioning stations.

Mitsubishi Electric keeps your welding costs low by reducing control boards for the JIG. Find savings on remote I/O boards by utilizing our waterproof connector remote I/O modules.

Our safety PLC simplifies safety controls, and it lets you design in the same engineering environment as a standard PLC. To enhance safety, Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to configure your system with safety devices from other manufacturers.