Mitsubishi Electric configures a painting production line system that can handle increases in high-volume data. Achieve greater productivity through advanced painting processes, all while reducing cycle time, improving engineering environments and reducing energy consumption.

Rely on the PLC CPU and CC-Link IE for high-speed control for large-scale painting data. CCLink’s fast connection lets you reduce cycle time and improve productivity. The processing CPU lets you consolidate loop control and PLC control on one controller. You now have one unit to control painting booth conditioning and oven equipment.

Our controller systems automate pollution abatement equipment using CC-Link to communicate to the VFDs. The VFDs control fans that exhaust paint fumes through a catalytic oxidizer. Since our VFDs are designed for highest efficiency, you can keep your painting costs down while being eco-friendly and meeting environmental standards.

Our safety PLC simplifies safety controls, and it lets you design in the same engineering environment as a standard PLC. To enhance safety, Mitsubishi Electric makes it easy to configure your system with safety devices from other manufacturers.