Final Assembly

Mitsubishi Electric can configure final assembly production lines flexible enough to work with a diversity of staff and equipment. We deliver equipment support for workers to improve engineering environments.

Because Mitsubishi Electric VFDs and servos are designed for longevity, you can combine the PLC, GOT, VFD and servos and achieve a longer life for conveyor and assembly equipment. With the CC-Link connection, you can configure data and control to eliminate unplanned stoppages. You can also enhance visualization through the GOT’s display of VFD and servo parameter settings. CC-Link’s repeater hub module creates a simpler network connection, letting you expand or reconfigure your equipment and stations as your production requirement demands.

To create a more worker-friendly environment, look to Mitsubishi Electric’s GOT2000 unit. The GOT’s multi-lingual features allow operators to communicate with mutual understanding. Multi-media functions provide workers with easy-to-understand animations with instructions and proper procedures for unplanned occurrences.

Through the MES interface module, link the picking system with inventory management and gain easier traceability to the parts stock information. MES can link the picking system, parts transport and production line to a just-in-time information system.

Our safety PLC simplifies safety controls, and it lets you design in the same engineering environment as a standard PLC. To enhance safety, Mitsubishi makes it easy to configure your system with safety devices from other manufacturers.