High-demand auto plants need automation solutions that are fast, precise and accurate. Enhancing efficiency yet maintaining quality output is the ideal situation for automakers to improve profitability. With Mitsubishi’s high-speed communication networks and leading technologies, the automotive industry can bolster productivity.

Competition among automakers forces you to find the most economical solution that preserves productivity. The iQ Platform has a strengthened link with controllers, networks and the engineering environment. iQ Platform’s high level integration lets you reduce project lead time so you can change jobs to meet demand faster.

Through its range of controllers that operate on the same backplane, iQ Platform lets your staff focus on the application at hand from the very beginning. iQ Platform’s PLC CPUs accomplish tasks in microseconds. Advanced backplane architecture optimizes system communications, providing faster ROI from reduced cycle time and increased productivity.

The iQ Platform takes full advantage of the open CC-Link architecture, which allows a seamless flow of information throughout all levels of your plant. The CC-Link network provides for easy assembly line start-up and greater reliability, and it has proven results on auto production plants to increase savings. Connecting VFD’s, servos, conveyors and robots to CC-Link ensure a highly productive manufacturing system.